Erol Gelenbe a Fellow of IEEE, ACM and IET (UK), is a Professor in the Electrical and Electronic Engineering at Imperial College .  He  introduced performance models based on diffusion approximations,  invented the Random Neural Network Model, as well as the G-Networks, solvable performance models incorporating control functions, such as work removal and load transfer and balancing, and developed the concept for FLEXSIM, an object oriented discrete event simulation approach for flexible manufacturing systems . These methods were integrated into commercial software such as QNAP for the Performance Evaluation of Computer Systems and Networks, and FLEXSIM. His designs include the SYCOMORE multiprocessor packet switch, the fibre optics random access network XANTHOS, the first fully implemented Software Defined Network CPN (Cognitive Packet Network) and its adaptive routing protocola. He has contributed optimal protocols for random access communications, and optimum check-points for databases.

He currently works on the interaction between Energy Consumption and Quality of Service in ICT, and on the security of Mobile Networks.  His awards include the In Memoriam Dennis Gabor Award 2013 , the 2010 IET Oliver Lodge Medal , 2008 SIGMETRICS Life-Time Achievement , the 1996 Grand Prix France Telecom of the French Academy of Sciences and the Parlar Science Foundation Award (Turkey, 1994).  He was made an Officer of the Order of Merit (France), a Grand Officer of the Order of the Star (Italy), and a Commander of Merit of Italy.

He was elected to the French National Academy of Engineering , the Science Academies of Hungary and Poland, and the Science Academy of Turkey . He has received Honoris Causa doctorates from the Universities of Liege, Belgium , Roma-Tor Vergata, and Bogazici ( Istanbul ), and graduated some 60 PhD students.  His recent papers appear in the Physical Review, the Communications of the ACM, the ACM/IEEE Trans. on Bioinformatics, the ACM Trans. on Internet Technology, the ACM Trans. on Autonomous and Adaptive Systems, the IEEE Trans. on Nano-Bio Systems, the Proceedings of the Royal Society and the Computer Journal.


Erol coordinates the EU FPC ICT-8 Project NEMESYS (2012-2015) on Mobile Network Security, and his other funded research projects are  EPSRC ECROPS (2013-2016) on Energy Savings and Harvesting in ICT, a MoD/DSTL Project on Energy Savings in Digital Cities (2012-2016), EU FP7 PANACEA (2013-2016) on Self-Organising Cloud Computing, and  the Smart Networks at the Edge project of the European Institute of Technology.   A Distinguished Lecturer of the IEEE Communication Society, his recent publications can be found at and . Recent/Future Conference Chairships & PCs  includeGeneral Chair IEEE NCCA (Dec 3-5, 2012) , Co-General Chair IEEE HPCC 2013 , PerNEM Workshop Co-Chair since 2012 (PERCOM Conference), IEEE MASCOTS 2013 TPC Co-Chair , & ICAC2013, June 26-28, 2013.  He is an associate editor of  Acta Informatica, IEEE Networks, ACM Ubiquity, Performance Evaluation, IEEE Transactions on Cloud Computing, Theory and Applications of Informatics, Telecommunication Systems, and InfoCommunications Journal .


Recent/Future Keynotes & Invited Lectures

- Keynote at 4th International Conference on Multimedia Computing and Systems (ICMCS'14) 14th April 2014.  

- Keynote on Energy Packet Networks and Dynamic Energy Allocation at the IEEE Wireless Communications and Networking Conference (WCNC'14), 8th April 2014.  

- Speech at the Hungarian Parliament for the In Memoriam Dennis Gabor Award 2013 on 19th December 2013 2013:

- Lecture (in Italian) to the Doctoral Graduates of the University of Pavia on 6th December 2013:

- Plenary, 99th Bi-Annual ISAAC Congress on Mathematics, Cracow, Poland Aug 5-9, 2013.

- Lecture at ATOMS MATTER, Vienna, Austria July10, 2013:  ";New routing controls to reduce data center energy consumption ", - Keynote Trade-offs between Energy and Performance in Computer Systems and Networks", UK Performance Evaluation Workshop, 4-5 July 2013, Loughborough Uni.

- Keynote Steps Toward Self-Aware Networks”, Polish Acad. Sci.: Conference on Comp. Networks, June 18, 2013,  

- - IEEE Distinguished Lecturer Tour in the USA and Canada September 5 to 12, 2013

Orono, Maine 5/9/2013

Fredericton, NB Canada   6/9/2013  

Montreal, Canada 9/9/2013 

Ottawa, Canada  10/9/2013

Boston, Mass. USA 12/9/2013                                                                 

- “Quality of Information and Energy Provisioning”, 22nd March 2013, The 5th Intl. W’shop on Information Quality and Quality of Service, San Diego ,

- Prometheus Theme Lecture "Big Data for Bioinformatics" (Feb 18, 2013, Shantou University),   Li Ka Shing Foundation Conference for the "best senior high school students from all over China ". & Institute for Inf. Transmission Problems, Russian Academy of Sciences
- Invited Paper "
The Complex Economic Networks of the Digital Society", International Workshop on Trends and Challenges in Networking (Technion, Haifa), October 31, 2012, 

- UCF Orlando CECS-CS Division Distinguished Speaker, 13/8/2012:  "Networks of Networks in the Digital Society "

- Keynote, ACM/EuroSys (Bern, Switzerland) 2012 Cloud Computing

- Opening Keynote Speaker, "Energy Packet Networks: Adaptive Energy Management for the Cloud",  SIMUTOOLS 2012  (Desenzano, Italy) Opening Keynote "Energy Packet Networks: Modeling Smart Electricity Storage to Meet Surges in Demand"

- Keynote, "Networks in Emergency Cyber-Physical-Human Systems",  IEEE ICCCN 2012 (Munich), 

- Invited Lectures:

   - EPSRC/ICEP 2012



- Opening Keynote Speaker,  "Sensors in cyber-physical emergency systems", IET WSS 2012 (London )      

- SICSA 2011 Conference (Edinburgh)  ,

- VECOS 2011 (Tunis ) Opening Keynote 

- Keynote, "Steps Toward Self-Aware Networks"  10th IEEE CIT 2010 (Bradford), 

- Keynote, "Improving QoS through Network Real-Time Measurement and Self-Adaptation",  23rd IEEE AINA 2009 (Bradford),                                                                  

His current research addresses three related areas:

- Energy Savings and QoS in Computer Systems, Networks and the Cloud

- Network Security and the performance of collaborative or adversarial agents: network auctions, emergency management and evacuation, search.

- Network models in biology, gene regulatory networks, spiked neuronal networks, chemical reaction networks.


Recent best paper awards include Chinacom 2008, NATO C3 Conference 2009 (Bucarest), Energy2011, GreenNets2011. His recent publications appear in several ACM & IEEE Transactions (Internet Technology, Sensor Networks, Adaptive and Autonomous Systems, Comput. Biology & Bioinformatics, Systems Man & Cybernetics), Computer Journal, Physical Review E, Proceedings Royal Society A, Neural Computation, Telecommunication Syst., etc.