Imperial College London - Dyson School of Design Engineering

DE 1.3 Electronics 1
(3 May to 21 June 2018)

Professor Peter Y. K. Cheung


By the end of this course, you would have understood the following:


Practical Electronics for Inventors (~£29)



(3 May)

Lecture 1  Introduction to electronics
(notes x1, x2, recording)

Course Design Document
Course Planning Document

Vclip on current & votlage

(8 May)

Lecture 2  Introduction to digital basics
(notes x1, x2, recording)
Lecture 3  Resistor Circuits
(notes x1, x2, recording)

Vclip on binary & hex numbers
Vclip on voltage divider
Vclip on resistor circuits

Vclip on Kirchoff's Laws

(10 May)

Lecture 4  Signals & Measurements
(notes x1, x2, recording part 1 & 2)

Vclip on triggering scopes
Vclip on sinewave
Vclip on triangular wave

(15 May)

Lecture 5  Nodal Analysis
(notes x1, x2, recording)
Lecture 6  Thevenin Equivalent Circuits
(notes x1, x2, recording)

Vclip on Nodal Analysis
Vclips on Thevenin Circuits (1, 2, 3)

(17 May)

Lecture 7  Capacitors & Inductors
(notes x1, x2, recording part 1 & 2)

Vclip on capacitors
Vclip on alternating signals
Vclip on inductor
Collin's Lab video on Capacitor

(22 May)

Lecture 8  Frequency Response
(notes x1, x2, recording)

Vclip on frequency response
Vclip on RC low pass filter
Vclip on CR high pass filter

(24 May)

Lecture 9  Amplification
(notes x1, x2, recording)
Lecture 10 Op Amps
(notes x1, x2, recording)

Vclip on amplifier modelling
Vclip on power gain
Vclip on differential amplifier
Vclip on basic op amp
Vclip on op amp frequency response
Vclip on input/output resistances

(29 May)

Catch-up Lecture (Lectures 10)

Lecture 11 Digital Logic
(notes x1, x2, recording)

Vclip on logic gates
Vclip on combinational logic
Vclip on Boolean Algebra
Vclip on sequential logic
Vclip on counters

(31 May)

Catch-up Lecture (Lecture 11)
Lecture 13 CPU and Pyboard
(notes x1, x2, recording)

Video on How a CPU works?

(5 June)

Lecture 12 Memory and computer architecture
(notes x1, x2, recording part 1, 2)

Video on How a CPU made?

(7 June)

Lecture 14 Sense
(notes x1, x2, recording part 1, 2)

Video on "Hall Effect Sensor"
Video on "Introduction to MEMS"
Video on MEMS accelerometer
Video on Coriolis Effect

(12 June)

Lecture 15 Drive
(notes x1, x2, recording part 1, 2)

Animation of a loudspeaker
Video on Brushed DC motor
Video on Brushless DC motor
Video on stepper and servo motors

(14 June)

Lecture 16 Link
(notes x1, x2, recording)

Lecture 17 Source
(notes x1, x2, recording)

Video on D to A converter
Video on Bluetooth Low Energy
Video on RFID

Video on how to choose a battery

(19 June)

Lecture 18 Revision Lecture
(notes, recording part 1, 2)



Problem Sheet 1 (solutions)
Problem Sheet 2 (solutions)
Problem Sheet 3 (solutions)
Problem Sheet 4 (solutions)
Problem Sheet 5 (solutions)

Examination Paper 2016
Examination Paper 2017


This is the practical component of the DE 1.3 Engineering Analysis - Electronics module. By the end of the experiment and project you should be able to:

Lab Oral Assessment - Thur 7th July 2018
Schedule, Guidelines &Feedback, Learning outcomes

Useful Resources

 Lab 1 - Signals & Scope (10 May)

Guidelines on using electronic logbook
Video Tutorial on OneNote
Video on Digital Multi-Meter

Video on Oscilloscope
Vclip on triggering scopes
Lab 1 Solutions

 Lab 2 - Electronic Circuits (17 May)

Collin's Lab video on Capacitor
Video on breadboard

Video on RC low pass filter
Linear-Log Graph Paper

 Lab 3 - Op Amp (24 May)

MCP6002 Dual Op Amp datasheet
AP 430i 2.5V voltage regulator datasheet

40kHz ultrasonic sensor datasheet
IN914 switch diode datasheet

 Lab 4 - Sense, Drive, Link and the Pyboard (31 May)

(PDF) (Lab pairing)

Micropython main site
Pyboard Quick Reference Guide
Datasheet for red LED
Datasheet for green LED

Datasheet for TB6612 motor driver module
Data information for the motor
Datasheet for Servo Motor
Micropython Classes: Pin, Timer, ADC, UART
Information about BlueFruit UART Friend module
Solutions to Lab 4 (zipped)


Project Team assignment (PDF)
Project Specification (PDF)
Tips on Team Project (PDF) (zipped)
Team Project Demonstration Day PHOTOs from last year (link)
Peter Cheung's Stores for DE1 Project (Link)
Ultrasound Distance Sensor HC-SR04 (usage instruction, sample code, user guide)

Team Project Assessment Guide (PDF)


Main Micropython website
Pyboard Quick Reference
Tutorials on how to use the Pyboard
Micropython Libraries

Other Useful Resources

Learn Python the Hard Way
Colour codes and preferred values for resistors

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