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Peter Cheung's Philosophical Powwow

Professor Peter Y. K. Cheung

This is a series of evening talk and discussion session organised by the Design Enginnering Society at Imperial College. The purpose of these talks is to stimulate Design Engineering students to question about various non-technical issues that are important to personal development. Currently the intention is to have one such talk per term. Those interested should visit DESoc facebook page on:

#1 - Thinking about Think (slides, recording) - 7 Dec 2017
#2 - Thinking about Education & Learning (slides, recording) - 5 March 2018
#3 - Thinking about Time (slides, recording)
#4 - Thinking about Self (slides, recording)

#4 - Thinking about Relationships (slides, recording)

#5 - Thinking about Purpose (slides, recording)

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