Tellegenís Theorem and Electrical Networks

Penfield, Spence, Duinker (MIT Press)

A very powerful generalization of a famous theorem related to electrical networks

Russian and Chinese translations followed


1970 1978

Modern NetworkTheory - an Introduction

Brayton, Chua, Rhodes, Spence† (Georgi)

Tutorials presented at a conference


Linear Active Networks

Spence† (Wiley)

A textbook addressing the linear theory and design of amplifiers and oscillators

1970 1986

Circuit Analysis by Computer

Spence, Burgess† (Prentice-Hall)

Employs the APL mathematical notation and programming language to teach the computer analysis of electronic circuits

Resistive Circuit Theory

Spence† (McGraw-Hill)

An experimental text using the APL† notation to express relationships, affording the student easy exploration

1974 2001

Information Visualization

Spence† (Addison-Wesley)

The first college text discussing the encoding of data in visual images to support the acquisition of insight

Sensitivity and Optimization

Brayton, Spence† (Elsevier)

A research monograph examining algorithms for the sensitivity analysis and optimisation of electronic circuits.† Introduced the powerful Transpose Circuit concept

1980 2007

Information Visualization: design for interaction

Spence† (Prentice-Hall)

The leading text, adopted by about 35 universities and colleges worldwide

Tolerance Design of Electronic Circuits

Spence, Soin

Tolerance design is the design of a circuit to minimise the effect of manufacturing variations and enhance manufacturing yield

A Japanese translation followed

1988 2008

Introductory Circuits

Spence† (Wiley)

Intended for a 20-lecture first-year course for engineering or physics students whose principal interest is not electrical engineering