The next generation of thermostats has arrived
Have full control when heating your home

About Glow

Glow is a whole new product bringing a modern and intuitive way for households around the country to manage and save energy for heating.

£150 all included.

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The team behind GLOW

We are a 7 student team -group 13- studying at Imperial College London. Our objective is simple: taking our ideas further creating a fully functional device.

Theo Franquet

Group Leading & Website Design

Alexandre Abou Chahine

3D Printing & Heat Transfer Research

Guillaume Ramé

Software, Calculation Back End & Database

Xingzi Zhu

User Profiling & Behaviour Research

Yumeng Sun

Secretary & Graphical Design

Matthew Abdul-Rahim

Software, GUI Design and Back End

Ilaria Albanese

Treasurer & Thermometer Module

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