Panopto FAQ

This is a collection of issues and fixes found during EEE use of Panopto.

Problems Recording

How do a stop unpleasant microphone feedback?

In lecture theatres with two USB microphones it seems that if the unused microphones is not properly plugged in to its charger (solid light) it will add to the audio and because it has AGC its volume will often create howl-around.

SOLUTION: ensure the unused microphone is off by plugging it into its charger.

In 408 The PC has two different screens - how can I stop this?

SOLUTION: Windows-P - select duplicate screen from pop-up options

Problems with post-recording editing and sharing

How can I add viewer access for more students to a folder?

SOLUTION: See SOLUTION 2 - add access rights to folder - below

I've recorded to the wrong folder and students do not have access to my recording. How do I mend this?

SOLUTION 1: move the recording to the right folder:

  1. log in to

  2. find recording folder under my folders on left-hand bar.

  3. find sesion in main screen.

  4. hover mouse over session and select "settings".

  5. under session info -> folder select edit. Change folder in drop-down list.

SOLUTION 2: add access rights to a folder

  1. log in to

  2. find recording folder under my folders on left-hand bar.

  3. right-click folder name in bar, select "share"

  4. a list of those with access comes up. Click "add or manage groups".

  5. In the Manage Groups screen select under the group provider drop-down box

  6. in search box type name or substring of student alias you want to have access, e.g. ee2ugs or ee2-19, followed by return

  7. tick the alias from the list of search results that you want

  8. click add selected itsems to share list

  9. Untick "send e-mail notification" unless you want automatic e-mails sent to those granted access - or click add message to change automatic message

  10. Dont't change the access control type from the default "as viewer"

  11. Click notify and share (or share) to add new group to list of viewers.