Dr Tom Pike

Development of instruments to explore our surroundings from the molecular scale to the structure of entire planets. Current projects include the fabrication of silicon microseismometers to investigate Mars, the NetLander SEIS-SP project, and development of a chemical microscope combining Raman spectroscopy with atomic-force Microscopy, the Raman-AFM.

I developed a technique for determining the strain in semiconductor heterostructures at the nanometer scale for my PhD work at the Cavendish Laboratory, Cambridge. While at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena I used silicon micromachining to produce instruments for planetary exploration, including prototype silicon microseismometers and a microscopy station built for the cancelled 2001 Mars lander.

To deliver a set of microseismometers for the 2007 Mars NetLander mission. To produce chemical microscopy at the molecular scale. To combine new fabrication techniques with novel instrument concepts.

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