University of London

Department of Electrical & Electronic Engineering

Third Year Study Project (M.Eng. Course - Technical Stream)

Real-Time Digital Signal Processing with TMS320C6000 (2000-1)

Darren Ward (Course Leader)
Mike Brookes
Peter Y. K. Cheung



At the end of the course, students should know: architecture of TMS320C6xxx digital signal processor; quantization and sampling jitter effects; assembly language for C6x; how to use C6x for real-time applications; how to implement FIR/IIR filters; how to perform block data processing such as FFT using C6x; how to remove noise in speech signals.

Schedule (2001)
29 May (Tue)
Lecture 1 - C6x Architecture (DW)
Lab 1 - Getting started with C6x
30 May (Wed)
Lecture 2 & Lab 2 - Data conversion (PC) Lecture 3 - Software Tools (DW)
31 May (Thur)
Lab 3 - Learning C & Sinewave generation
Lecture 4 - I/O & Interrupts (DW)
1 June (Fri)
Lab 4 - Interrupt I/O
4 June (Mon)
(Catchup session)
5 June (Tue)
Lecture 5 - Fixed point vs Floating point (PC)
Lecture 6 - FIR Filters (PC)
6 June (Wed)
Lab 5 - FIR Filter implementation
Lecture 7 - IIR Filters (DMB)
7 June (Thur)
Lab 6 - IIR Filter implemenation
Lecture 8 - Frame Processing (DW)
8 June (Fri)
Lab 7 - Real-time spectral analysis
(Catchup session)
11 June (Mon)
Lecture 9 - Speech enhancement project (DMB)
11 - 22 June
14 June (Thur)
Written test
21 June (Thu)
Project Demonstration
(Write-up session)
22 June (Fri)
(Write-up session)
Report deadline (4.30pm)

All morning lectures start at 10.00 am.
All morning laboratory sessions start at 9.00 am.
All afternoon lectures start at 2.00pm.


Written test - 25%
Labs - 30%
Project - 45%

For the Labs deliverables, are expected to show all listing of your work, evidences of your results and short desscription of observations and results in form of a log book. Formal report is not required.

Except for the written test, all assessments will be done as a group (i.e. only one report and one log book for each group).

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TMS320C6000 Technical Brief
TMS320C62x Algorithm: Sine Wave Generation
Data Encryption Standard (DES) Implementation on the TMS320C6000
Understanding TMS320C62xx DSP Single-Precision Floating-Point Functions

Summary of differences between Pascal/Java/C
Pascal programmers guide to understanding C – Part I, Part II
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