This website is a personal account of Professor Pal focussing mainly on his current academic activities and past academic achievements. The website also gives ample attention to voluntary, leadership and management roles undertaken by Professor Pal. Apart from the web-presence, this website is aimed at inspiring young and aspiring power engineers and academics.

The website also gives a good account of the research activities and technical projects (academic and industrial) undertaken by Professor Pal. There are enough, website and download, links available for the relevant research material.


The website has been designed using HTML, CSS (Sass) and JavaScript. Most of the content on this website is in line with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines version 2.1 standards. The website adopts responsive layout design for various device screen resolutions, to provide great user interface for mobile, tablets, medium size laptop and large monitor screen users. The current layout has been thankfully designed by Dr Firdous Ul Nazir, and he is also appreciated for its timely updates.

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This website was last updated on 15 January 2024.