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Schemes for Learning and Behaviour


This page gives access to the full text of my Ph.D. thesis in Adobe pdf format (and zipped postscript). Please note the filesizes if you are using a slow modem. 

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Abstract in html
Abstract in postscript format
Abstract in pdf format

The Complete Thesis, 267pp. (thesis.pdf [2.39mb] or [1.34mb])
For double-sided printing, 267pp. (thesislr.pdf [2.37mb] or thesislr[1.32mb]


Front page, tables of contents and figures (front.pdf [39kb] or [32kb])
Chapter 1: "The Behaviour of Animals and Animats" (ch1.pdf [164kb] or [114kb])
Chapter 2: "Theories of Learning" (ch2.pdf [287kb] or [185kb])
Chapter 3: "A New Dynamic Expectancy Model" (ch3.pdf [197kb] or [131kb])
Chapter 4: "The SRS/E Algorithm" (ch4.pdf [793kb] or [414kb])
Chapter 5: "Experimental Design and Approach" (ch5.pdf [76kb] or [54kb])
Chapter 6: "Investigations and Experimental Results" (ch6.pdf [478kb] or [299kb])
Chapter 7: "Extensions to SRS/E and Further Work" (ch7.pdf [121kb] or [68kb])
Chapter 8: "Discussions and Conclusions" (ch8.pdf [49kb] or [40kb])
Appendix 1: "The SRS/E Execution Cycle" (appdx1.pdf [71kb] or [33kb])
References and Index (refs.pdf [123kb] or [75kb])

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