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          BEng & MEng 2nd Year

E2.1 Digital Electronics 2
(Oct - Dec 2019)

Professor Peter Y. K. Cheung

Aims & Objectives

The aims of the course are: By the end of the course, you should be able to:

This course is supported a 4-week Laboratory Experiment - Experiment VERI starting in the middle of the Autumn term. You will be working in pairs, using the Terasic/Altera's DE1-SoC board with a daughter board extension. Each pair of students can also sign out one board (every two students) from the EEE Stores. Please return the board by the end of the Spring term in 2018.

Lecture Notes

    Lecture 1  Introduction to digital logic (8 Oct - Panopto recording) (notes 2-per page)
    Lecture 2  Introduction to FPGAs (8 Oct - Panopto recording)
(notes 2-per page)
    Lecture 3  Verilog HDL - Part 1 (14 Oct - Panopto recording) (notes 2-per page)
    Lecture 4  Verilog HDL - Part 2 (15 Oct - Panopto recording) (notes 2-per page)

Tutorial Problem Sheets

Tutorial Problems
Useful Resources

Sheet 1 (solution 1)

R1.1 FPGA and CPLD Architectures: A Tutorial
R1.2 Cyclone V Device Handbook (vol 1)
R1.3 Introduction to Quartus II Software
R1.4 DE1 User's Manual

Problem Classes

Problem Class 1

The Laboratory Experiment (start from 11 November 2019)

This course is supported by Experiment VERI - a 4-week experiment in the Laboratory.

Past Examination Papers

June 2017 (Paper,Solutions)
June 2018 (Paper,Solutions)

Student Online Lecturer Evaulation (SOLE)

Student's evaluation and comments for this module from 2018_19 session (PDF)

Other DE1 & Cyclone V Resources

Quartus Prime Software free web-edition (Download page)
Quartus & DE1-SoC Tutorial Page (containing MANY tutorials, probably too many. Be selective!)

Cyclone V Device Handbooks

Vol 1: Device Interface & Integration
Vol 2: Transceivers
Vol 3: Hard Processor System

Useful links

Verilog HDL Quick Reference Card
A very good tutorial on IEEE Logic Symbols
An excellent tutorial on Verilog HDL

Altera's free tutorial on Verilog HDL (interactive video class lasting 45 minutes)
On-line Verilog HDL Quick Reference Guide (free)

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