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Mark Witkowski - Papers and Publications


A selection of publications and papers. It excludes various internal documents, technical reports, presentations, applications and many technical articles.

Mardell, J., Witkowski, M. and Spence, R. (2013) "A comparison of image inspection modes for a visual search and rescue task", Behaviour and Information Technology, DOI:10.1080/0144929X.2013.826284 (available here)

Spence, R. and Witkowski, M. (2013) "Rapid Serial Visual Presentation: Design for Cognition", Everything you need to know about how to present images quickly to maximise cognitive effectiveness. Published by Springer.

Witkowski, M. and Spence, R.  (2012) "Rapid Serial Visual Presentation: An Approach to Design", Int. J. Information Visualization, 11-4, pp. 301-318. DOI: 10.1177/147373871612439642

Mardell, J., Witkowski, M. and Spence, R. (2012) "An Interface for Visual Inspection based on Image Segmentation", Proc. Int. Conf. on Advanced Visual Interfaces (AVI-12), pp. 697-700. DOI 10.1145/2254556.2254687. (download article)

Herrmann, G., Studley, M., Pearson, M., Conn, A., Melhuish, C., Witkowski, M., Kim, J.-H. and Vadakkepat, P. (Eds.) (2012) "Advances in Autonomous Robotics",  Joint Proceedings of the 13th Annual TAROS Conference and the 15th Annual FIRA RoboWorld Congress, Bristol, UK, August 20-23, 2012, Springer LNCS Vol. 7429, 469pp. ISBN 978-3-642-32527-4.

Mardell, J., Witkowski, M. and Spence, R. (2011) "Gaze-contingent Enhancements for a Visual Search and Rescue Task", Proc. ACM SIGGRAPH Symp. on Applied Perception in Graphics and Visualization, pp.109.

Brinded, T., Mardell, J., Witkowski, M. and Spence, R. (2011) "The Effects of Image Speed and Overlap on Image Recognition", 15th IEEE Int. Conf. on Information Visualization (IV), pp.3-11. (download article)

Groß, R.; Alboul, L.; Melhuish, C.; Witkowski, M.; Prescott, T.T.; Penders, J. (Eds.) (2011) "Towards Autonomous Robotic Systems", Proc. 12th Annual Conf., TAROS 2011, Sheffield, UK, August 31 - September 2, Springer LNCS Vol. 6856, 435pp. ISBN 978-3-642-23232-9.

Nehmzow, U., Melhuish, C., Witkowski, M. and Kyriacou, T. (2010) "Towards Autonomous Robotic Systems 2009: Intelligent, Autonomous Robotics in the UK", Robotics and Autonomous Systems, Vol. 58-3, pp. 227-332.

Mardell, J., Witkowski, M. and Spence, R. (2009) "Detecting Search and Rescue Targets in Moving Aerial Images Using Eye-Gaze", 5th Conference on Communication by Gaze Interaction (COGAIN-09), pp.67-70.

Witkowski, M., White, G., Louvieris, P., Gorbil, G., Gelenbe, E. and Dodd, L. (2008) "High-Level Information Fusion and Mission Planning in Highly Anisotropic Threat Spaces", 11th International Conference on Information Fusion (Fusion-08), Cologne, Germany, 1-3 July 2008, 8pp. (pdf

Adams, N., Witkowski, M. and Spence, R. (2008) "The Inspection of Very Large Images by Eye-gaze Control", AVI-2008, Naples, pp. 111-118. (pdf). This paper was recipient of a BCS-HCI 2008 "Award for International Excellence", presented at the 22nd Annual Conference of Interaction (hci2008). See here for details.

Wilson, M., Labrosse, F., Nehmzow, U., Melhuish, C. and Witkowski, M. (eds.) (2007) "Proceedings of Towards Autonomous Robotic Systems (TAROS-07)", University of Wales Aberystwyth, September 2007. ISBN 0 903878 26 7. (proceedings - 35meg)

Witkowski, M. (2007) "Energy Sharing for Swarms Modelled on the Common Vampire Bat", Adaptive Behavior, Vol. 15, No. 3, 307-328. (abstract+link) (preprint)

Witkowski, M. and Randell, D. (2007) "A Model of Modes of Attention and Inattention for Artificial Perception", Bioinspir. Biomim., Vol. 2 (2007) S94-S115. (abstract+link) (preprint)

Witkowski, M. (2007) "An Action Selection Calculus", Adaptive Behavior, Vol. 15, No. 1, pp. 73-97. (abstract+link) (pdf)

Adams, N., Witkowski, M. and Spence, R. (2007) "The Exploration of Large Image Spaces by Gaze Control", The 3rd Conference on Communication by Gaze Interaction (COGAIN 2007), pp. 78-81, (abstract) (pdf) (on-line proceedings)

Nehmzow, U., Melhuish, C., Witkowski, M., Moxey, E. and Ellery, A. (2007) "Mobile robotics in the UK and worldwide: Fast changing, and as exciting as ever" Robotics and Autonomous Systems (Available online 10 May 2007), (pdf)

Witkowski, M. and Randell, D. (2006) "Modes of Attention and Inattention for a Model of Robot Perception", Proc. Towards Autonomous Robotic Systems (TAROS-06), pp. 246-253. (pdf)

Witkowski, M., Nehmzow, U., Melhuish, C., Moxey, E. and Ellery, A. (eds.) (2006) "Proceedings of Towards Autonomous Robotic Systems (TAROS-06)", University of Surrey, September 2006. ISBN 0-9553879-0-6. (proceedings - 40meg)

Randell, D. and Witkowski, M. (2006) "Using Occlusion Calculi to Interpret Digital Images", Proc. 17th European Conference on Artificial Intelligence (ECAI-06), pp. 432-436. (pdf)

Cooper, K., de Bruijn, O., Spence, R. and Witkowski, M. (2006) "A Comparison of Static and Moving Presentation Modes for Image Collections", Proc. Advanced Visual Interfaces (AVI-2006), pp. 381-388. (pdf)

Witkowski, M. (2006) "A Metaphor for Swarm Trophallaxis Modelled on the Vampire Bat Desmodus rotundus", AISB-06 Symposium "Biologically Inspired Robotics", Vol. 2, pp. 123-130. (pdf)

Randell, D. and Witkowski, M. (2006) "Abductive Visual Perception with Feature Clouds", in proc. 10th International Conference on Knowledge Representation (KR'06), pp. 352-361. (pdf)

Nehmzow, U., Melhuish, C. and Witkowski, M. (eds.) (2005) special issue on "Mobile Robotics in the UK'' of Int. J. Advanced Robotic Systems, Vol. 2, No. 4, December 2005. (abstracts+links)

Witkowski, M. (2005) "A Review of “Towards Autonomous Robotic Systems” TAROS 2005" Int. J. Advanced Robotic Systems, Vol. 2, No. 4, December 2005, pp. 371-373. (pdf)

Nehmzow, U., Melhuish, C. and Witkowski, M. (eds.) (2005) "Proceedings of Towards Autonomous Robotic Systems (TAROS-05)", Imperial College London, September 2005. ISBN 0-905247-03-5. (papers from the proceedings)

Witkowski, M. (2005) "Combining Action Selection Models with a Five Factor Theory", in: Bryson, J., Prescott, T. and Seth, A. (eds.) Modeling Natural Action Selection, Edinburgh, July 2005, AISB Press, pp. 16-24. (pdf)

Randell, D. and Witkowski, M. (2004) “Tracking Regions using Conceptual Neighbourhoods”, ECAI-2004, Workshop on Spatial and Temporal Reasoning, pp. 63-71 (abstract) (pdf

Spence, R., Witkowski, M., Craft, B., de Bruijn, O. and Fawcett, C. (2004) “Image Presentation in Space and Time: Errors, Preferences and Eye-gaze Activity”, in: Int. Conf. Advanced Visual Interfaces (AVI-2004). pp. 141-149 + plate. (abstract) (pdf)

Shanahan, M. and Witkowski, M. (2004) “Event Calculus Planning Through Satisfiability”, Journal of Logic and Computation, 14-5, pp. 731-745 (abstract) (jlc)

Witkowski, M. and Stathis, K. (2004) “A Dialectic Architecture for Computational Autonomy”, in: Nickles, M., Rovatsos, M. and Weiß, G. (eds.) Agents and Computational Autonomy - Potential, Risks, and Solutions, Springer LNAI 2969, pages 261-273. (abstract) (pdf)

Witkowski, M., Neville, B. and Pitt, J. (2003) “Agent Mediated Retailing in the Connected Community”, Interacting with Computers, 15-1, pp. 5-32 (abstract) (pre-print)

Witkowski, M. (2003) “Towards a Four Factor Theory of Anticipatory Learning”, in: Butz, M., et al (eds.) Anticipatory Behavior in Adaptive Learning Systems, Springer LNAI 2684, pages 66-85 (abstract) (pdf)

Randell, D. and Witkowski, M. (2002) “Building Large Composition Tables via Axiomatic Theories”, in: Principles of Knowledge Representation and Reasoning: Proceedings of the Eighth International Conference (KR-2002), pp. 26-35 (abstract) (pdf)

Witkowski, M. (2002) “Anticipatory Learning: The Animat as Discovery Engine”, in: Proc. Adaptive Behavior in Anticipatory Learning Systems (ABiALS-02), Edinburgh, August 2002. (pdf)

Randell, D., Witkowski, M. and Shanahan, M. (2001) “From Images to Bodies: Modeling and Exploiting Spatial Occlusion and Motion Parallax”, in: Proc. 17th Int. Joint Conf. on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI-01), pp. 57-63. This paper was also presented at the Commonsense 2001 Symposium, New York, May 20-22. (pdf)

Witkowski, M., Shanahan, M., Santos, P. and Randell, D. (2001) “Cognitive Robotics: On the Semantic Knife-edge”, Proc. 3rd British Conference on Autonomous Mobile Robotics and Autonomous Systems (TIMR-01), 10pp. (pdf)

Witkowski, M., Arafa, Y. and deBruijn, O. (2001) “Evaluating User Reaction to Character Agent Mediated Displays using Eye-tracking Equipment”, in: Proc. AISB’01 Symp. on Information Agents for Electronic Commerce, March 2001, pp. 79-87 (pdf)

Witkowski, M., Pitt, J., Fehin, P. and Arafa, Y. (2001) “Indicators to the Effects of Agent Technology on Consumer Loyalty”, in: Stanford-Smith, B and Chiozza, E. (eds.) E-Work and E-Commerce: Novel Solutions and Practices for a Global Networked Economy, IOS Press, Amsterdam, pp. 1165-1171

Arafa, Y., Dionisi, G., Mamdani, A., Martin, S., Pitt, J. and Witkowski, M. (2001) “Towards Building Loyalty in e-Commerce: Addressing issues on Personalisation, Persistence & Presentation in: AA2000: Agents in Industry, 8 pages. (pdf)

Witkowski, M., Randell, D. and Shanahan, M. (2001) “Deriving Fluents from Sensor Data for Mobile Robots”, AAAI Fall Symposium on “Anchoring Symbols to Sensor Data in Single and Multiple Robot Systems”, North Falmouth, MA, pp. 44-51. (pdf)

Witkowski, M., Artikis, A. and Pitt, J. (2000) “Experiments in Building Trust in a Society of Objective-trust Based Agents”, in: Falcone, R., Singh, M. and Tan, Y-H. (eds.) Trust in Cyber-Society: Integrating Human and Machine Perspective, Springer LNAI 2246, pp. 111-132 (pdf)

Shanahan, M. and Witkowski, M. (2000) “High-Level Robot Control Through Logic”, Proceedings Agent Theories, Architectures and Languages (ATAL 2000), pp. 100-113, also in Intelligent Agents VII, Springer LNAI. (pdf)

Witkowski, M. (2000) “The Role of Behavioral Extinction in Animat Action Selection”, Proc 6th Int. Conf. on Simulation of Adaptive Behaviour (SAB-00), pp. 177-186 (pdf)

Pitt, J., Arafa, Y., Dionisi, G., Martin, S. and Witkowski, M. (2000) “Creating Loyalty in E-commerce using Agent Technology”, Proc. e-Business and e-Work (e-2000), Madrid, October 2000 (pdf)

Witkowski, M., Artikis, A. and Pitt, J. (2000) “Trust and Cooperation in a Trading Society of Objective-Trust Based Agents”, Proc. Autonomous Agents 2000 Workshop on Deception, Fraud and Trust in Agent Societies, pages 127-136. (pdf)

Witkowski, M. and Pitt, J. (2000) Objective Trust-based Agents: Trust and Trustworthiness in a Multi-agent Trading Society, in Proc. 4th Int. Conf. on MultiAgent Systems (ICMAS-2000), pp. 463-464. (pdf)

Witkowski, M. (1999) “Integrating Unsupervised Learning, Motivation and Action Selection in an A-life Agent”, 5th European Conference on Artificial Life (ECAL-99), Lausanne, September 1999, pp. 355-364 (abstract) (pdf)

Shanahan, M. and Witkowski, M. (1999) "Robot Navigation and Map Building with the Event Calculus", IJCAI-99 Robot Action Planning Workshop, Stockholm, July 1999, pp. 37-46 (abstract) (pdf)

Witkowski, M. (1999) "Applying Unsupervised Learning and Action Selection to Robot Teleoperation", (1999), Proc. TIMR99 "Towards Intelligent Mobile Robots", Bristol, March 1999, 9pp. (abstract) (pdf)

Witkowski, M. (1998) "Dynamic Expectancy: An Approach to Behaviour Shaping Using a New Method of Reinforcement Learning", SIRS-98, 6th International Symposium on Intelligent Robotic Systems '98, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK, July 21-23, 1998 pp 73-81. (extended abstract) (pdf)

Witkowski, M. (1997) "Schemes for Learning and Behaviour: A New Expectancy Model", Department of Computer Science, Queen Mary Westfield College, University of London, Ph.D. Thesis, Feburary 1997, 257pp. (abstract) (full text)

Witkowski, M. (1994) "A Scheme for Learning and Behaviour"AISB Workshop "Models or Behaviours - Which Way Forward for Robotics", Leeds, 5pp. (abstract)

Witkowski, M. (1993) "Methods and Methodologies Supporting the Introduction of Products and Services in the Manufacturing Systems Sector", 2nd Conf. on Methods in Manufacturing Systems Engineering (MiMSE), Southport, 12pp. (abstract)

Witkowski, M. and Cargill, W. (1988) "Industrial Local Area Networks - Technologies and Techniques for the Shop Floor", (1988), Manufacturing Communications Today, IMechE, Birmingham, 13pp. (abstract)

Irwin-Houston, D.F., Magalhaes,F. and Witkowski, M. (1986)  "Today's Solution for Real Time Computer Integration of Multi-vendor Industrial Equipment", Proc. Advanced Seminar on Real-time Local Area Networks, INRIA, Bandol, pp.265-276 (abstract)

Witkowski, M. (1986) "Control and Data Communications Within and Outside the Flexible Manufacturing System", Proc. 15th Int. Sym. on Automotive Technology and Automation (ISATA), Flims, paper ISATA 86-127 (abstract)

Witkowski, M. and Cornwell, P.J. (1985) "An Expert Program Generator Approach to Tailoring Standard Networking Products", Proc. Technology Assessment and Management Conf., Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute, Zurich, pp. 243-248 (abstract)

Witkowski, M. (1983) "A Parallel Processor Algorithm for Robot Route Planning", Proc. 8th Int. Joint Conf. on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI), Karlsruhe, pp. 827-829 (abstract)

Witkowski, M., Bond, A.H. and Burton, M. (1983) "The Design of Sensors for a Teleoperator Robot", Digital Systems for Industrial Automation 2-1, pp. 85-111 (abstract)

The six popular articles on robotics below appeared in the magazine Practical Computing during 1980, a little dated now, but still with some interesting information:

Mark Witkowski (1980) "What rough beast, its hour come round at last", Practical Computing 3-2 (February 1980), pp. 98-102 (pdf

Mark Witkowski (1980) "Man-machine clanks into step", Practical Computing 3-3 (March 1980), pp. 82-85, 87, 89 (pdf)

Mark Witkowski (1980) "Robots: sense & sensibility", Practical Computing 3-4 (April 1980), pp. 86, 87, 89, 91, 124 (pdf)

Mark Witkowski (1980) "Communication is problem in programmed control", Practical Computing 3-5 (May 1980), pp. 90-94 (pdf)

Mark Witkowski (1980) "Planning techniques find optimal routes", Practical Computing 3-6 (June 1980), pp. 90-94 (pdf)

Mark Witkowski (1980) "An eye to the future with computer vision", Practical Computing 3-7 (July 1980), pp. 90-93, 95, 96 (pdf)

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