Imperial College London Optimal Control Software (ICLOCS)


The code allows users to define and solve optimal control problems with general path and boundary constraints and free or fixed final time. It is also possible to include constant design parameters as unknowns. ICLOCS is implemented in MATLAB. It includes the ability of using the nonlinear optimization code Ipopt and the SUNDIALS ODE solver CVODES for sensitivity analysis.


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           Version0.1beta              Released 14/09/2011    (Few bugs fixed. Thanks to Giacomo Perantoni)


            Version0.2                   Released 15/05/2012    (Few bugs fixed. Thanks to D. Lee Wai Han)


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Version compatible with Ipopt 3.11


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Version1.2                   Released 17/05/2013    (The callback function is not working in this preliminary version)


Version1.2.1                Released 26/11/2014    (Minor bug fixed. Thanks to Maryamsadat Tahavori)